Certified Scrum Master


Get your personal Scrum Master for your Team and be agile. I am an experienced Certified Scrum Master to support and build the spirit which is needed to be a fantastic agile team. 

Surely the certification isn’t everything. But you can be sure, that your Scrum Master knows what he is doing. Multiple Workshops and one certification later, here I am! Your Scrum Master!

What is more important than any document? Experience! I worked for around 3 Years as a Scrum Master, with only fantastic feedback. I also worked as a developer in teams, which I migrated to Scrum as a Scrum Master. And I worked as a developer in already established Scrum teams, so nearly every perspective is provided.

I started working as a developer. After several years and work I just got more and more into Scrum and into the benefits for every team member. I used my project break to learn more about being a Scrum Master, after talking, after working, after doing, I just realized, that this is it! I want to be that person, who delivers and support the team and to create what is needed to be an efficient and awesome team.