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At Consulting, we understand the importance of high-quality, seamless, and cost-effective communications. That’s why we have partnered with 3CX and Peoplefone to bring you the most powerful solutions on the market today. For crystal-clear calling, scalability, flexibility and cost-effective communications, you’ve come to the right place. Start your VoIP journey right now by contacting us today.

We are Certified Partners from peoplefone and 3CX

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Cost-Effective Business Calling

By using your internet connection for calls, you can streamline communications, reduce your reliance on legacy hardware and slash the cost of business calls.

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Scalable Telephony Solutions

Why pay for telephony features you don’t yet need? With VoIP solutions from 3CX and Peoplefone, you can gradually grow your communications capabilities as your business grows.

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Seamless Integration

Both 3CX and Peoplefone offer seamless integration with leading business software platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and leading CRMs. Manage all your customer and communications data in one place.

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To learn more about our VoIP services for business and how we can streamline your entire IT infrastructure, contact us today.

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Lara König

Switching to Consulting's VOIP solutions has been a game changer for our business. The clarity and reliability of calls are outstanding, and the customer service is always responsive and helpful. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to improve communication efficiency.

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Ahmed Al Hashimi

We have been using Consulting's VOIP services for over a year now, and the difference is remarkable. The seamless integration with our existing infrastructure and the cost savings have significantly boosted our operations. Consulting truly understands the needs of modern businesses.

star star star star star
Julia Weber

I was initially hesitant to switch to a VOIP solution, but Consulting made the transition smooth and painless. Their support team is fantastic, always there when you need them. The features they offer have made our team more collaborative and productive.

star star star star star
Fatima Al Maktoum

The reliability and functionality of Consulting's VOIP solutions are unmatched. We've experienced zero downtime since we started, and our international call costs have plummeted. It's impressive how much this has helped our bottom line.

star star star star star
Stefan Müller

Choosing Consulting was one of the best business decisions we ever made. Their VOIP technology is top-notch, and their customer-centric approach makes them stand out in the market. Highly recommended for any size of business!

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a modern alternative to traditional landline telephony systems that uses the internet to transmit voice and multimedia data instead of copper wiring.

Choosing a VoIP system over a traditional landline offers significant cost savings, particularly on long-distance or international calls, and provides a versatile range of features like voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, and easy integration with other cloud-based applications. Furthermore, VoIP systems ensure better scalability and flexibility for businesses, enabling them to easily add or remove lines and features in line with their operational needs. VoIP also makes remote working easier.

Yes, in fact, VoIP telephony systems can save small businesses a lot of money compared with traditional landline systems. They provide a cost-effective communication solution by reducing the costs of local and international calling. The system also offers a wide array of scalable and user-friendly features that can enhance operational efficiency, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and mobile applications. Additionally, VoIP allows for seamless communication and collaboration among remote teams or individuals, which is particularly vital in the contemporary, often decentralized, business environment.

We provide the software, support, and advice needed to implement your new VoIP system efficiently and effectively. Using 3CX and Peoplefone, we’ll ensure all your business calling needs are catered for. You will receive all of the features associated with a leading VoIP system, including auto-forwarding, call recording, three-way calling, voicemail to text, call logs, and system integration.

Our VoIP systems are provided by 3CX and Peoplefone — two of the most reliable platforms in the world today. Provided you have a fast internet connection, your new VoIP system will never let you down. And we’ll always be here to provide technical support when you need it.

Yes, you can typically keep your existing phone numbers when switching to a VoIP system through a process known as "number porting." We’ll help you transfer your traditional landline phone numbers to the new VoIP system, ensuring continuity and avoiding the need to update business contact information in various platforms and communications.

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